Sunday, January 16, 2011


A good friend of mine teaches 2nd grade in North Carolina and asked me to make something for comparatives for her. I thought I would post it here too in case anyone else is able to use it. I have directions on the first page - please let me know if they are not clear enough!

Edit: Ok, so I just printed it and realized just how small the boxes are. I think I may do another version tomorrow and make the boxes a little larger.

Edit #2: I just talked to my friend and she said she likes them the size that they are, so for now I think I will leave them as is. If anyone would like them larger, let me know and I will fix them and repost.


Ladybug Teacher said...

I love it! I am going to print this out for my newest ELL students--thank you so much! :)

Dana Baker said...

So glad you can use it!

love2teach2day said...

I figured out how to do the Google Doc thing with the picture (thanks!), but how do you make it so you can see the scrolling (all pages) within your blog?

Thanks for all the tips!

Dana Baker said...

I upload my documents to Google Docs. After it goes back to the screen where it shows the list of all of your documents, check the box next to the file you want to post and click the box at the top that says "More Actions." Choose "Show Details." This opens your document in a new window. On the right side of the screen it says "Link to this Page" - highlight and copy the second link (it says embed in website or blog). Go to your blog, start a new post and choose the "Edit HTML" tab in the right corner (right above where you type). Then just paste the link. You should still be able to type above the link or below it. When you preview your post or post it to your blog, it will look like my docs do on my blog.
Hope this makes sense! Let me know if you have any problems!
Thanks for following my blog!

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