Thursday, August 4, 2011

Question - Advice Needed Please

I am thinking of creating my first unit to sell on TPT.  I have an idea that I think would work well, but I think I could make it even better by using some real pictures.  That is where my question comes in -- where can I find real pictures that would be legal to include in a packet?

I read a post by a fellow blogger within the past few days who recently experienced some issues with using a picture taken by someone else, and I don't want to have those problems!  Any helpful ideas?  I appreciate any advice.

Don't worry, I will continue to post free items on here as well.  I am still looking for a teaching position, and very few have been posted in our area this summer - it is so depressing!  I thought that making items to sell on TPT would give me something to do and possibly justify at least some of the clip art purchases I have made over the last 6 months or so!

Thank you for your help!


Vintage Teacher said...

In the sellers forum at TPT there is a list of places you can use for "real" pictures in your products.

Anonymous said...

You can also check out Creative Commons. :)

Dana Baker said...

Thank you!!! I will check those out.

Runde's Room said...

On Flickr, some have general attribution licenses - which means you can use for commercial purposes. Try this link:

Runde's Room

Dana Baker said...

Thanks Jen! I will check that out too!

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