Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dr. Seuss Set Available from ThistleGirl Designs!

Have you seen the newest set available from ThistleGirl Designs yet???  Soooo cute! 


Ladybug Teacher said...

Oh I LOVE this set!! I just bought mine a few minutes ago!!

Ladybug's Teacher Files

Workshop Classroom said...

I really like your "shelf" of books! Those are some of my favorite professional reading materials. So glad I came across your blog!

Dana Baker said...

I had to buy this set too - I couldn't resist!

Workshop Classroom - thanks! I love those books. Considering the fact that I am just subbing right now, I have WAY too many professional development books. I really love teaching and reading about teaching - and I think of it as preparing for when I do have a job! :)
Thanks for following my blog!

Rachelle said...

We can't use Thistle Girls on our printables, can we?

It's sooo cute though!!! I love it!
Thanks for the post!

Dana Baker said...


I think you can if you own a reseller's license and if the printable is in PDF format. I purchased my reseller's license in December when she was having a big sale. :)

A Croft said...

I love the Thistle girl images but how did you add them to a blog?

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