Sunday, March 20, 2011

Farm Repost

Several people have said they are having trouble downloading the farm things I posted last week, so I am going to try posting them again.  If you are still having problems (with this or anything else on my blog), either leave your email address or send me an email at and I will send them to you.   Click on the links below to download the files.

Animal Cards for Graph:


thankfulndw said...

Thank you so much for sharing your hard work. In the last week I've become a blogaholic! I have discovered so many wonderful blogs (really the teachers behind them!) I have been printing, laminating and cutting like crazy! I was especially excited about your division game. There are so many resources for multiplication, but so few for division. Thank from not only me, but from my students as well. Keep up the good work!
Nancy Wilson

Dana Baker said...


Thank you for your kind words! I am so glad you found something you are able to use.
I am also a blogaholic! :)


Amber said...


Thank you for posting this, I love the idea. I was wondering what you do for the graph. I noticed that you have all of the same number of animal pictures but wondering how you use them to graph (I am assuming you're graphing different numbers).

Dana Baker said...

When I used it, I had different baskets for the students to pick that had different numbers of each of the animals. You can choose how many of each animal to use.

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